July 29, 2021

Why employer branding plays a big role in a company's hiring success?

Did you know companies that invest in employer branding could experience more revenue growth, attract and retain top talents, straighten brand identity, and so much more?

Without a strong employer brand, you might be missing out on top talents and the potential effectiveness of your organization, hence a decrease in the productivity of the employees. Therefore for organizations that are still on the edge of whether to invest in employer branding or not, here is why it’s so important:

-Helps to recruit top candidates

-Retains existing talents

-Reduces recruitment costs

-Improves employee engagement

While it helps in recruiting and talent acquisition, it also trickles down to other areas of business. For example, customers also want to work with brands where employees love their work and are treated fairly.

Furthermore, before a candidate applies for a position, they complete their homework and research the atmosphere of the organization from various sources.

So, now when we know the importance, it is also important to know how we can improve employer branding in our organization, thus here are some strategies:-

Create content for candidates

In the same way, as you promote your products and services for potential customers, promote your team culture to future employees. Creating blog articles on events, work culture, hiring process, benefits of working in the company are some of the examples. Don’t forget about social media posts that can include feedback from employees or quick storytelling of their transformational journeys in the organization.

Encourage employee growth

Statistics say "69% of candidates would reject an offer from a company with a bad employer brand, even if they were unemployed" and "51% of employees would quit their job if the training was not offered.'' So make sure to provide your employees with good opportunities for their personal growth, including learning new skills or giving them the freedom to work on projects they love, as shared by the Google team that the best results they brought were from the projects employees loved executing.

Improved perks and benefits

Many times, employees struggle with finding information about the company’s perks and benefits while searching for a job. Hence, it is beneficial to highlight the aspects of your employee value proposition that resonates most with job seekers. To find out what employees would like to have, focus on surveying your current employees on the changes they would like to have to understand what benefits they love and want the most. Investing in employee benefits will both boost your retention rate as well as your appreciation rate.

Modernize with a flexible work environment

Modern-day employees really appreciate having a flexible work schedule, especially after the recent pandemic more and more companies became flexible in working hours as well as location independence. With flexible work schedule opportunities, employers can attract great talents overseas, and platforms like zoom make it easy to manage the distributed team across the globe.

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