August 20, 2021

These 4 Technology Trends are Here to Stay

The past two years have been full of unexpected technological advances, as the whole world shifted to meet the demands of a new reality of the world.

Many innovations came into the world to help people fulfill their tasks and desires. Here are the top trends that got a boost and are here to stay:

1. Digital workplaces

As the pandemic hit, social distancing became a necessity which led more and more people to work from their homes. It is estimated that over 42% of the entire labor force in the US was working from home. This gave a boom to long-distance telecommunication software like Zoom to communicate with each other and run the show smoothly. Now, it is estimated that more than 40% of the offices are going to remain digital even after the pandemic slows down, hence Digital workplace technology is here to stay.

2. Telehealth

The health sector has been the biggest hit in these last two years. The Pandemic showed the huge potential, and real-world functionality, of telehealth technologies. There's no doubt that Telehealth can provide a compelling alternative to traditional disease and preventive care. Many countries created their own application to educate people and prevent health care services to people including appointments with a doctor or scheduling a test at home with just one click on their phones. Telehealth is a sector that is constantly innovating at its peak and is here to stay.

3. Online learning

The education sector has been affected the most by the pandemic but online learning also became popular. Students almost all over the world studied from the comfort of their homes via online sources. While the extent to which e-learning continues once students return to their classrooms is yet to be seen, the necessity of connectivity for education has been made abundantly clear. Big international e-learning companies have emerged and are making constant efforts to make online learning more effective and efficient.

4. Blockchain

As pandemic hit and people started losing their jobs, the hunt to make money online increased drastically and blockchain emerged as one of the most prominent out in the world. Several industries are now involving and implementing blockchain. The demand for blockchain developers also increased drastically and many new applications and software are being developed.

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