May 7, 2021

Why Developers Need a Personal Brand and How to Build it

A personal brand helps to differentiate you from your competitors and highlight your values, personality, and skills.

A personal brand is for those who want to build authority, build community and share their expertise to get noticed.

Why does it matter?

Many web developers may think that building a personal brand is a waste of time and why not just focus on improving skills instead of building a personal brand? But in reality, a personal brand can open many doors to developers.

Some of the reasons why does it matter include:

-More Visibility

-New Opportunities

-Building a supportive community

As Jeff Bezos once said, “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

Now the question is, how to build a personal brand?

1. Choose a medium

The first step is to think about the platform you want to get started on to get more visibility. It can be a Youtube channel to start building an audience, or it can be a social media platform such as Instagram or Facebook. If you are thinking of a more professional medium, LinkedIn can be the right fit for you.

If you are not comfortable in showing your face, a podcast can be a great choice. There are unlimited options these days, a blog is another option for those who love to express themselves through writing.

2. Remember consistency is key

If you are going to create multiple social media accounts, make sure you keep the same username everywhere to make it easier for the audience to find you. In addition, participate in different events. By being active and engaging in those events and showcasing more of your knowledge or skills on a certain topic, you are establishing yourself as a reputable brand.

Remember to collaborate as well as it will help you learn from others and give you an opportunity to share your expertise. Again, it is about creating value for others. Sharing your knowledge and skills to help others grow is how your personal brand can have a positive image.

3. Create a portfolio

You will need a portfolio to highlight what you have done and what you can do. The goal is to keep your presence professional while helping people imagine what it would be like to work with you. Your portfolio is a chance for you to share your favorite works and your progress over time.

4. Network with other developers

Social media gives you a chance to learn, meet new people, and let others know what you have to offer, leverage that. Follow people in your niche, engage with their content and start a conversation.

New networks open new doors, so the more you build good relationships, the more chances your brand will grow quicker. Go live with people and share the knowledge with the audience to build more trust.

5. Show your passion

A personal brand is all about showing who you really are. Thus, the most vital step is to be authentic. Share your passion for the work you do, share what you have learned in recent days and your insights.

In conclusion:

Once you have established a personal brand, the chances of getting better work and collaboration opportunities as well as getting higher salary increases.

Moreover, developers with a personal brand attract quality clients and secure valuable partnerships.  

Maryam Z.

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