August 19, 2020

What tech industries are thriving right now?

Technology comes out on top in everything we do, use, or experience these days.

What tech industries are thriving right now?

On the question about what industries are going to grow rapidly over the next few years, the answer is simple. It’s technology.

While joining any businesses you must take a look at its innovation strategy, and how fast it is adapting to the new changes in the world.

Over the past few months, industries have switched and focused on simplifying their costumer's life, which now has became a part of a lifestyle, like:-

Grocery deliveries with a twist

During a lockdown when many restaurants had to close and grocery stores had limitations, online deliveries played a major role. Delivery apps added numerous choices of products and delivery options. While restaurants tech came up with innovative ideas to provide and sell frozen food.

Online education

Having school or college lectures over video calls sounded like far from the future until the beginning of a lockdown.

Remote work & meetings

Events got rescheduled and took place on online platforms like zoom. Companies switched to a system to operate from home.


A healthy lifestyle got harder to follow as the gyms closed and going for a walk was restricted, that’s why coaches came up with the idea to provide online training.

By all the above examples, we can say technology is growing day by day and plays an important role in our daily life. Social media platforms are improving and many new apps are developed to conform to the new world.

What tech industry changes did you notice in the past few months?

by Maryam Z.

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