June 18, 2021

Strategies to increase employee engagement for remote teams

The pandemic has completely redefined the way teams communicate and work.

If Remote working was only offered by some companies as a way to offer a more flexible lifestyle before, then now it has become the norm for most businesses.

But with all the benefits remote work has to offer, there are some disadvantages too, such as:

-Lack of face-to-face supervision

-Lack of motivation

-Lack of access to information

-And a lot of distractions

But there are actions that you can take to avoid business disruption and make your employees feel supported and inspired.

1. Keep people updated

It is vital to keep your team updated on the projects, goals, team progress, company news, and upcoming changes. Hence, before making a public announcement, communicate your ideas and plans with your people to also give them a chance to clarify the doubts they might have to avoid leaving your employees feeling overwhelmed with the new changes.

2. Make them feel heard

It is a fact that the most successful managers are good listeners. So, encourage your employees to share their ideas and innovations with you. To do so, it is better to have a decided online space where you can easily communicate with everyone. Platforms such as Whatsapp or Telegram are good options besides formal emails. Make sure when your employees do speak, you really listen to them and give encouraging feedback. These moments of feedback can really help in motivating your employees.

3. Celebrate success

Have you reached a goal? Celebrate it with your team! Send a quick message to let them know that you are happy with the results and congratulate them on the achieved outcomes. The message doesn’t have to be long, just let your team know that they are doing a great job.

4. Show employees you care

It is also essential to build meaningful relationships with your remote employees. Hence, you can hold personal conversations about their hobbies from time to time or share your personal plans with them. It will help you and your employees to personally get to know each other which will help you build trust, and eventually lead to better work results.

The more your remote employees feel connected and engaged with you and other team members, the more they are willing to perform better and bring successful results.

Maryam Z.

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