April 23, 2021

Strategies for achieving Work-Life balance in Tech

A career that allows spending quality time with family and simultaneously focusing on your hobbies is a dream of many.

Today, work-life balance is an evolving concept but, put simply, it's about achieving a perfect mix of business and personal life that's right for you.

On the other hand, working in a tech industry can be stressful and challenging with all the work deadlines and then keeping up with market trends, customer satisfaction, and many unpredicted complications.

So, how can you make sure the worries and stress from your work do not impact your personal life?

- Learn to Say “no.”

We know how hard it seems to say no, especially at work. But if you agree to take on every project, attend all the events, or help every co-worker with their tasks, you will find yourself with no time left for the things that you want to do.

Remember: It is ok to say no to the things that stress you in a polite and professional manner.

- Stop Working on the Weekends

For some software developers, programming is not just a job, it is something to do for fun. Thus, many continue to work on weekends to practice their skills, but the truth is, working longer hours results in diminishing returns.

You are putting yourself in danger of burning out quickly if you don’t give your brain a break. The other consequences are- Being less effective and not generating creative ideas. Therefore, prioritizing rest is a key to delivering better results at work and staying happier.

- Travel and Explore

As the pandemic restrictions are loosening up and the summer is near, why not explore new places and nearby cities?

You are not supposed to stare at your screen all day every day. Pack a backpack and go explore your surrounding. Take your friends or a family member with you to make it more fun.

- Be an Early Riser

If you find it hard to find time for yourself, waking up earlier can be a great solution for you. Waking up early is good for your mind, body, and overall wellness, additionally, you will get a few extra hours a day to do the things you love without being distracted by anyone.

In the begging, setting an alarm for an hour earlier can seem difficult, but keep reminding yourself of all the benefits it will give you before the habit is formed.

In conclusion: Don’t take your work home with you.

If you are a remote worker, focus on creating a pattern that lets you forget about the work once you shut your laptop down or go out of your home office.

Maryam Z.

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