July 9, 2021

How to retain IT talent in your organization

Hired an IT talent? Great! But what to do next?

Most companies are concerned with recruiting tech talent in their company, but it is equally important to retain the talents in your organization. People in an organization are of much more value. The better people you have the better is the functioning of the entire organization!

So the question is why do people even leave the company? A study suggested that once an employee feels a lack of personal growth or lack of opportunities, they tend to leave the organization in search of a better position in another place.

We jotted down 4 points on how to avoid such a situation and retain the company's employees for a longer time.

1. Provide learning opportunities

At the beginning of joining a company, every employee goes through a bunch of trainings, but they come to an end over time. Hence, make sure to have training going on, as it is an essential part where top talents contribute, learn, and evolve with your organization. Training not only helps the employees to sharpen their skills but it also allows the company to be at the top of the game. This way the employees also feel that they are constantly learning new things and it leads to their personal growth.

2. Offer the right benefits

Benefits and perks play a huge role in keeping employees happy, engaged, and healthy, but benefits go beyond healthcare coverage and paid sick leave. Consider offering other financial awards for employees who exceeded performance goals or who stay with you long-term. Other great benefits can include flexible work schedules, opportunities to work from home and generous paid leave policies.

Some of the other perks you can include are:

- Wellness programs

- Company-sponsored trips

- Additional Paid leaves

- Employee appreciation program

Benefits and recognition like these make your employees feel valued and built an emotional connection with the company and other employees.

3. Upgrading the technology in your company

As time passes on, newer and more advanced technology emerges in the market which makes work easier and more efficient. As a big organization, it may not be possible for you to keep upgrading, but if something can make the work easier for your employees, then the company shall invest their money. This way employees feel cared and the overall efficiency of the organization also increases.

4. Create a culture of growth

According to a study, when evaluating aspects of company culture - constant learning, personal growth, and development ranked as the most important factor for technologists. Hence, investing in growth and development training for your employees is necessary and beneficial. Additionally, encourage them to attend conferences, networking groups, or classes that could help them in their professional development. When people upskill, they’re gaining new abilities and competencies as business requirements continue to evolve.

5. Continuous feedback on performance

Many employers abandon the monthly performance review. In these one-on-one meetings, talk with your employees about their short and long-term professional as well as personal goals and help them visualize their future with the company. While you should never make promises you can’t keep, talk through potential career advancement scenarios together and lay out a realistic plan for achieving those goals. Communication between employers and employees is the key.

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