October 13, 2020

How to retain high-performing developers?

Developers say the most important element of their job is to learn something new which stimulates their brain.

Talented developers are in high demand, a lot of companies seek to attract and retain one of the best talents in the industry.

The competition is very high, so you have to make sure the developers you hire are passionate about working in your team and the projects they receive, or else they would search for the passion elsewhere.

Developers say the most important element of their job is to learn something new which stimulates their brain.

Let’s talk about the ways you can ensure that the team stays creatively engaged:-


When new developers join the team, they require knowledge of the company’s goals, procedures, and structure. The better the developer understands the company the better they will work and the lesser time it would take for them to complete the task.

The training could be demonstrated by online courses or presentations. Let them also have conversations with you or other team members.

Time For Breaks

It’s easier to complete different tasks effectively when you know how much time that work would take. This ensures you stay focused on the work without having distractive thoughts on having a tea break or checking your phone messages and notifications. Taking small breaks makes you fully commit to working hours.


Most developers say coding is a hobby. So, let them stay creative by giving them the time to work on their own projects or suggest their ideas to your business, once their ideas are appropriated they would be more encouraged to discuss their insights with you and bring some amazing innovative ideas to the table.

By giving them the freedom to make decisions, and choosing how to spend their time, developers are more willing to invest their energy into work.

Provide Opportunities

Give them opportunities to learn and teach. Try to form a group while giving projects which are too easy or to difficult, in this way people would help each other accomplishing certain tasks. Developers agree on the fact that having smarter people in the room, encourages others to work on their personal development and learn something new.

Focus on finding the right talents and the right management within the company, rather than chasing a lot of people. A few great developers who match and understand your business vision can bring better results than having a big number of people who aren’t inspired by your business goals.

By Maryam Z.

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