September 8, 2020

How technology will change in the next few years?

Technology is constantly changing the way we live.

How technology will change in the next few years?

Technology has created amazing tools that make our life easier and puts all the information at our fingertips. The way of communication, entertainment, and how we pay the bills, transfer data has been changed forever.

Now let's have a look at what is waiting for us next?

Flying cars

Back to the future has given us an expectation of seeing flying cars in the future. Which are already in development!

Uber’s taxi project is one of the biggest that targets 2023 as the year its service will be available commercially. It’s being said the cars will not need a runway as they will take off and land from massive sky ports scattered across the cities.

Virtual shopping

After the pandemic, retailers started to think of the ways to attract clients online. Start-up companies are about to launch online fitting rooms, where customers can try clothes on virtual images of themselves. is the website that already has the feature, all the clients need to do is to type in their height, weight, proportions, and see what their clothes would look like on a body similar to their own.

VR headset

One of the struggles while working remotely is not experiencing the emotional connections with the team members.

Niall Campion who is a co-founder and director of VRAI, a data-driven simulation company, says VR headset would help.

While sharing his own experience he said:-

Individuals could branch off and play their own mini-games or just have a chat together, which made it much more intimate than a video call.

Do you feel excited about the technology changes that are coming soon?

by Maryam Z.

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