March 29, 2021

Google's secrets to build a successful team

It is no secret that teamwork makes dream work

A story of a father, his sons, and a bundle of sticks taught us in a very early stage of our lives that in unity, there is strength. A single stick can be broken easily but a bunch of sticks together are strong and unbreakable, similarly working as a team creates more workforce than single-handedly taking over any goal but people in an organization come from different cultures, different backgrounds, and have different mindsets and challenges, hence making them work together in unity towards one focused goal can be challenging.

In this article, we will unleash 5 mind-boggling secrets of one of the greatest tech companies in the world, Google, which manages to combine all the different minds together to work towards one shared goal despite all the challenges.

Secret #1 Psychological Safety

Psychological safety is all about surroundings and the environment. It is when each team member feels that they're in a safe environment. An environment in which they can speak their mind without fear, share ideas, recommendations, or even any complaints without any fear of being discouraged or looked down upon. This type of environment ensures a free flow of ideas, discussions, and respect among each other and for the company

Secret #2 Dependability

Dependability is all about accountability. This point makes sure that every individual in the team is accountable, reliable, and trustworthy to meet the goals and deadlines. Each and everyone should be equally responsible for the success or failures of the deadlines and work together in a harmony for the most effective and efficient working.

Secret #3 Structure and clarity

Every team needs a solid structure and clarity of processes to achieve greatness. When each and every individual in the team possess this map they're able to understand their function, purpose, expectations, and performance objectives. Team members will thrive when they have goals that are clear, specific, and transparent so they know what is expected of them

Secret #4 Meaning

No one wants to work in a job or organization without meaning or purpose. Everyone joins a company with a specific goal and if they don't see their personals goals in sync with the organization, they feel disconnected. Financial security, supporting one's family, helping the team succeed, or exhibiting self-expression are some of the ways to create meanings in words. Give emotionally intelligent feedback. Some individuals are more sensitive than others; so, again, adapt your approach individually.

Secret #5 Impact

At the end of the day, you would see an impact on all the hard work that you're doing. How your individual work has impacted the team's performance, how the team's performance has impacted the organization as a whole and how the organization has impacted the world! Share with them why their contribution is important and how it has impacted the world and environment around them.

These points may seem overwhelming but don't worry. Start by focusing on 1 or 2 of these points and when you're happy with the results start adding more 1 by 1 and you will see great teamwork happening in your company, Slowly but surely!

By Maryam Z.

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