January 26, 2021

6 Biggest Changes in the Use of Technology after the Pandemic

From our relationship with gadgets to our consumption habits, everything has changed since the isolation had begun.

Let’s take a look at how the last year impacted our relationship with the tech world.

1. The internet

Sure Internet was already pretty popular but after the pandemic hit, all records broke. We were using our devices more than ever before because they were the only portal we had to the outside world.

The traffic in March and April was so extreme that some platforms, such as YouTube, were forced to downgrade streaming resolutions to preserve bandwidth. Pandemic broke the internet!

2. Contactless payments

Every touch was important, hence the exchange of money physically went downhill and every store encouraged to use contactless payments. Tap-to-pay tech went through the roof.

One of the surveys conducted last year found that 46% of respondents have upgraded their top-wallet card to tappable plastic.

On top of that many Restaurants and Cafes ditched the physical menus and opted for online menus accessible with QR codes.

3. The virtual office

The remote work trend is likely to stay even after the pandemic ends. So many organizations have provided their employees with free access to Microsoft's Team, Google’s meet, and Zoom Subscription. Many similar software sales went off the charts and are trending on all software forums to date!

4. E-commerce

Pandemic has shaken the global economy, but online shopping platforms like Amazon and Walmart have increased their revenues by 56%. As essential items were no longer available at some of the near stores, people relayed on third-party sellers to meet their needs so much, so that many people shut down their offline stores and switched to 100% online instead.

E-commerce saw a great hike in numbers and is still going strong.

5. Virtual events

In-person events have been put on hold, that’s when virtual events came into rescue, many important conferences, meetings, and big events happened on zoom! Even weddings in some cases! But some of the results from the survey completed in May 2020 showed that most people are not willing to spend more than 1 hour at an online event.

6. Food delivery

Shortage of essential food items, shopping restrictions, and Covid fear forced people to order food online that resulted in a turning point for the food delivery tech. Food delivery portals were among the most required tech companies of the year and broke all the records around the world.

The biggest lesson of 2020 was to be always ready for the uncertainty and take the right action on time because you never know what storm or pandemic the world will throw at you next!

By Maryam Z.

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